a 4 week, 1 on 1 life design workshop for anyone who is craving a refreshing outlook on life and wants the tools to be able to execute one.

WHO it's for?

If you have a growth mindset, are open minded, and are excited about the thought of learning how to design your life! Perfect if you are between life stages, deciding on a big decision, or just want to get more out of life and feel ready to take some action!

How it Works

You fill out a pre workshop questionnaire, book in your first call, and we go from there! an hour 1-1 zoom call each week to go over the exercises and you have till our next meeting to do the work in your own time! 

What we cover?

We spend 4 weeks learning design thinking principles (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test) and learning how to apply those to your own's filled with  exercises, videos, questions, and lot's of other good stuff!


energy: 4 weeks of you putting in the work to apply the lessons we go over
time: 1 hour per zoom call per week plus about 1-3 hours a week to complete the exercises (in your own time)
Financial: $299 NZD 
*Payment plans available