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The people that said you couldn’t do it all, they’re the ones that didn’t have the balls to try. Maybe you want to fly to mars, be a professional deep sea diver, start a clothing line, and be an above average chess player.


There is a big world out there with a lot of cool shit you can do. But the best part is if you don’t like any of it you can create your own cool shit. As long as that shit is yours and you believe in it, the world will be your oyster (not just any ordinary oyster, the big juicy kind with a dabble of lemon juice and cocktail sauce on the side). 


Then when you reach the top and have all the fame, money, silk sheets, and expensive cars in the world… You’ll probably realize that it isn’t about getting to the top, it never was. It was about the never ending journey of exploring, learning, failing, and trying different shit.


Oh yeah, I nearly forgot the most important part. You didn’t come into this world alone and I hope you don’t leave it that way. So when you’re riding the wave of life don’t forget that no one rides alone. Understand that it’s okay to build off the foundation of those that came before you but it is also your responsibility to take people with you when you move forward. 


You can do cool shit and be a cool person.

- much love, tay x

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